Phazon Triathlon provides personalised triathlon coaching based in SouthWest London. We believe that any able bodied person, regardless of age, size, ability or experience can complete a triathlon with the right approach and training.

Why work with a coach?


Coaching is the most cost efficient way to improve your performance. A bespoke coaching plan looks at every aspect of your training and lifestyle to optimise your performance on race day, as well as your general health and wellbeing.

Why choose Phazon?


At Phazon Triathlon we believe that triathlon is more than just a sport, it’s a mindset. We look at every aspect of your life, from your training to your diet and sleeping pattern to create a training plan that works around you and your lifestyle. We believe in a scientific approach to training, using the latest technology to help you train in the most time efficient way possible.

We believe that anyone, regardless of size, ability or age can complete a short triathlon. We can help develop you whether you are a non-swimmer who hasn’t ridden a bike since their childhood, or an experienced triathlete looking to improve their times. We believe strongly in ensuring our athletes have enough rest and recovery between sessions, to ensure the body has time to adapt to the increased load rather than simply running our athletes into the ground. We also believe in building a strong personal relationship with our clients to help us understand what you’re looking for from the program, and allow for an open dialogue between both parties.

What is our coaching philosophy?


How Personalised is the training?

Personalisation is the cornerstone of what we do, drawing every single training plan from scratch based on the results of your initial questionnaire to ensure it’s the right plan for you. We will never provide you with a pre-written training plan, and edit the plan as we go to accommodate for illness, injury or change of circumstances.


“A great price for someone so experienced”- Sarah, 5K swimmer

“Thank you for all the support and coaching, the boost of confidence was great!”- Jess, sprint triathlete

“I’m training more than before but don’t feel as tired”- Neil, first time Ironman athlete