Free 1 Month Coaching Trial in January

While I’m not a great believer in new year’s resolutions as they are normally very vague and unlikely to succeed as a result, January is the perfect time to look to the year ahead and start planning your future races.

Workout Summary

So here at Phazon Triathlon if you take out one of our coaching programs in the month of January the first month is free. This is your chance to work with an IRONMAN Certified Coach to prepare for your next challenge, whether you are an experienced athlete looking to take your racing to the next level, or a complete newcomer who hasn’t ridden a bike or swam since they were a child. With a mixture of our all inclusive, fully personalised and flexible training plans and one to one coached sessions we can help you achieve your goals.

How does it work?
Simple E-mail expressing your interest in one of our free trials and we’ll E-mail you a questionnaire for you to complete, which we can assist you with if needed. Once we have received your questionnaire we will discuss the contents of it to check we are on the same page, then move onto the plan itself. We will send you a personalised link which will prompt you to create a free TrainingPeaks account which we will use to deliver the training plan. Workouts are uploaded onto TrainingPeaks for us to analyse, have a conversation about, and adapt the Training Plan if necessary.


Do I have to live in London?
Absolutely not! We deliver our level 1 and level 2 training plans internationally.

Which level of plan is included?
The free plan is our level 2 plans, as well as a month’s premium subscription to TrainingPeaks on us. All current level 1 athletes will receive a temporary upgrade to a level 2 package for the month of January to reflect the offer.


What equipment do I need?
You will need basic equipment such as a bicycle, some trainers and a swimming costume, but we don’t insist on any expensive technology for new athletes. However having the following items will vastly improve the service we are available to provide:

Turbo trainer– Also known as an indoor trainer, this is a machine that your bicycle bolts onto and allows you to ride structured sessions indoors.
Bicycle speed sensor– Unless you’re using an expensive smart trainer, this will allow us to record your indoor rides and give approximate power values for a fraction of the cost.
GPS watch– A watch used to record cycling, running and sometimes even swimming for data upload. It can communicate with fitness sensors such as a heart rate strap, cadence sensor (to measure how fast you are pedalling) and a power meter to give an objective measurement of how hard you are cycling. If you do not have the budget for a GPS watch  then a smartphone will suffice.
Finis Tempo Trainer– A small device that tucks under your swimming hat and beeps at set intervals to allow you to swim to a set pace.
Warm cycle/running clothing– It is January after all!


Do I need to have a race booked?
Not at all, an idea of what we’re working towards is useful, but if you just want to test the waters of triathlon and see if it’s for you then that’s fine. We can even assist you in choosing a race that suits you and your current ability levels.

Can I organise a coaching session with you?
Absolutely, these can be organised at a discounted rate of £30 each, whether you want to improve your swimming technique, learn basic bike maintenance or want to be pushed to your limits in a run session, these can be organised to work around your lifestyle.

We hope that the trial will help you realise the benefits of working with a coach and you will continue to train with us, however if you feel that it is not for you, you can cancel at any point. Some testimonials from our athletes:

“I absolutely recommend Simon as a coach. His approach to training, knowledge and attention to detail made him the perfect fit to coach me round my first IRONMAN race. Simon got me to the start line, fit and injury-free with a solid race plan. I also had a smile on my face at the finish line..! I will be working with Simon again for IRONMAN number two and I can recommend his services to anyone that is looking for a coach.” – Ben Griffiths, first time IRONMAN Finisher

“I hired Simon to help me complete my first IRONMAN 70.3 From the very first moment Simon has been excellent. Advice on swimming which I find the hardest discipline and worked with me at building a plan for me to meet my goal of completing an IRONMAN 70.3 Great workouts that are posted on time with notes and each workout explained so I know what is expected of each time I Swim, Run or Cycle. Simon is also around for any questions or queries that I may have about my training and is also working with me on recommending which 70.3 I should be taking on and also planning when I should be doing some warm up Olympic triathlons. I highly recommend Simon for all levels of athlete and I am looking forward to working with Simon to reach my goals for many years to come.” – John Wooley, 70.3 athlete

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