Bike Fitting

Riding a bike shouldn’t hurt! Don’t settle for lower back pain, sore wrists, numbness or painful knees – these can all be managed by a good bike fit.

We don’t believe in computer assisted fitting, we find that the fitters you encounter in most bike shops are little more than salespeople who went on a short course on how to set up and use an automated system. We instead focus on using our detailed knowledge of Biomechanics, a thorough understanding of bicycle geometry and a background in Sports Therapy supersede any form of technology, helping find your perfect position.

Our bike fits prioritise comfort over performance as without access to a wind tunnel it is incredibly different to assess how effective your position is, so we instead focus on getting you into a position that you are able to hold in comfort for the duration of your event so you can focus on what you do best, pushing watts.

We offer four levels of service:

Basic Bike Fit- £60
For those who have previously undergone assessment by Alex or who are looking for a basic service you can book an hour with him to allow him to make some basic adjustments to your saddle height and reach.

Assessment and Fit- £120
For those who have not had a Biomechanics screening with Alex or who feel the need to be reassessed, we can provide a full assessment followed by a more in depth bike fit taking into account the results of the screening.

Advanced Fit- £180
If you are looking for maximum comfort on the bike we offer a full fit which comprises of an In-Depth Biomechanical Assessment/Adjustment followed by a comprehensive fit from your shoes to your handlebars and everything in between. Recommended for those who are competing in half or full Ironman distance races, or those who have been experiencing persistent discomfort issues. This process will last for several hours.

If you are interested in one of our sessions, please indicate your interest and availability using the Contact page.