Online Triathlon Coaching

Our fully comprehensive online triathlon coaching includes everything to support you in your triathlon journey. Whether you are a training for your first sprint triathlon or looking to qualify for the Ironman world championships. We are in daily contact with you, reviewing your workout data and using your feedback to help us plan the next week’s training.

All plans are currently delivered by head coach Simon Olney

Each plan includes:

Free upgrade to TrainingPeaks premium


A premium subscription to TrainingPeaks (value £20 a month) allows you to see all of your training data, and allows us to communicate via post activity comments to discuss each workout. Rather than worry about keeping your subscription up to date, we cover this cost for all athletes as part of our online triathlon coaching.

Personalised training plan delivered on a weekly basis

Training Plan

You are an individual and need a flexible training plan for the best results. Taking into account your availability, preferences and recent performances we ensure your training stays on track, and keeps moving forwards. Once the training for the week has been set, we are on hand to adjust the week as and when necessary.

Unlimited Coach Contact

We don’t leave you in the lurch if your circumstances change. If you have questions about your workouts, life gets in the way or you just want a chat about training we’re here for you. You can E-mail, text or call us as much as you deem necessary, as we believe the key to online triathlon coaching is open communication.

Best Bike Split Race Plans

Best Bike Split Example

This powerful software allows us to predict your time on any given course. Taking into account your FTP, elevation, aerodynamics and even weather on the day, we can accurately predict your bike time. We can create as many race plans for you as you would like, whether it’s different courses when choosing races or revisions as we increase our FTP and take more accurate weather conditions into account. This plan is then uploaded onto your cycle computer where you can follow the wattage targets, allowing you to come off the bike with just enough let in your legs for the run.

Daily Analysis of Training Data and Feedback on TrainingPeaks

We log into TrainingPeaks daily to check on your training and leave feedback. Analysing the data to see how you performed. Was the session too easy? Too short? Too intense? Did your heart rate shoot up? How should this inform the rest of our training? We then leave a comment, normally including a question, to help us understand how the workout went from your perspective. We believe data only tells half the story so it’s important to understand things from your perspective. This ensures our the online triathlon coaching we provide is both scientific and holistic.

Advanced Analytics with WKO

WKO example

WKO is an advanced piece of software that revolves around power modelling. It provides us an accurate estimation of FTP, allowing us to track advanced metrics and provides unparalleled insight into your workouts without regular structured testing. There are hundreds of charts available in the programme which allow us to plan your training, analyse performances and identify areas for improvement.

Strength and Conditioning Plan

As a level 3 personal trainer with a specialisation in corrective exercise, head coach Simon Olney can help keep you injury free and boost your performance by prescribing exercises specific to you as an individual. The postural analysis can be prescribed via video or in person depending on your proximity to London.

Nutritional advice

Knowing what to eat and when is one of the hardest parts of long distance triathlon for many. We provide guidance both for what you should be eating on a day to day basis during training, as well as what to eat during your event and longer training sessions.

Advice on kit/tech

The choice of technology and kit required to successfully train for triathlon is extensive. From bikes to wetsuits and clothing to helmets there is a lot to think about. We’re on hand to help make sure you pick the right products for you, kit that suits your budget and intended usage.

Access to Phazon branded race/training kit

Example of Phazon cycling kit

A sense of identity is important for athletes, so we have designed kit for you to wear while training and racing. This high quality kit is provided by SaddleDrunk, and can be cut to your measurements.

Discounts on leading brands

While we deliberately choose not to strike sponsorship deals with brands to ensure we can provide athletes with completely impartial advice on the best products for you. However, we provide discounts on a small selection of brands we believe are clear market leaders, and whose philosophy we believe in. Contact us below if you would like more information.

Athlete Selection

We are not looking for the fastest athletes or those with the most time to train, rather those with the biggest appetite for success. Whether you’re aiming to qualify for the world championships or simply complete your first sprint triathlon, we’ll be there every step of the way to support you and help you achieve your goals. The cost of our coaching programme is £50 a week, billed monthly via direct debit.

E-mail us at, or use the contact form below for more information, where we would be happy to organise a no obligation meeting to discuss how we can help you.

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