Executive Level Triathlon Coaching

I have developed an executive triathlon coaching package for those who want a premium experience. This suits athletes with intense schedules who expect quick turnarounds and want to maximise their coaching experience for that extra level of performance. Places are strictly limited to ensure quality of delivery.

What is included?

As with my basic online package, plans are delivered on a weekly basis, feedback is provided after each workout, and you can contact me whenever you want. In addition to this, there are a number of other perks.

Immediate feedback following workouts

Once a day I log onto TrainingPeaks to give my athletes feedback on their workouts. With my executive level clients, I have notifications enabled on my phone to alert me when you upload a workout or leave a comment. This means you can receive workout analysis shortly after each upload, while the session is still at the forefront of your mind, and receive answers to your questions in a timely manner.

Extra level of analysis

TrainingPeaks WKO5 is a high end analytics engine designed to help track an athlete’s progress and workouts over time. I use WKO5 with all of my athletes when I want to get to the bottom of a specific question, but for my executive level clients I drill down into WKO after every workout looking for additional data to help inform our training in future.

Full TrainHeroic integration

While I set all clients strength workouts on TrainHeroic, going in to analyse every rep of every set is too time consuming for every athlete on my programme. For my executive coaching clients however I will take the time to look deeper into these sessions, read your comments, and provide feedback where necessary to maximise our time in the gym.

Weekly performance call

You have the optional of a weekly performance call with me, where we can discuss your training and you have the opportunity to ask me in depth questions.


Applications are currently OPEN (6/8/23)

Places on the executive triathlon coaching programme are strictly limited, with a thorough interview process to ensure we are compatible before we begin training together. We are not looking for a certain level of performance, more that we’re on the same page and would be a good match. As we will be in close contact throughout the process. If our personalities clash or you are looking for something I can’t provide, it’s best we establish this before any money changes hands.

To apply, discuss pricing or simply for more information, fill out the following form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can: