Here at Phazon Triathlon we aim to deliver a premium yet accessible service for our athletes, following six steps to get you make you faster.

1. Initial consultation

Where possible we will travel out to you for an initial meeting to discuss what you want to achieve from the programme and how best to achieve it. This includes looking at your current ability, your goals, time available, equipment owned and assessing strengths/weaknesses.

2. Fitness Testing


We will set you up a TrainingPeaks account to delivery our plans through, with the first week primarily dedicated to fitness testing. This gives us a benchmark to help us set target paces for during our training plans.

3. Coached Sessions

Everyone can improve their technique, whether you’re someone learning to swim as an adult or Alistair Brownlee, we take a look at your swimming, cycling and running to help identify areas for improvement. These allow us to give immediate feedback and allow us to prescribe appropriate sessions to address these weaknesses.

4. Training Plan Delivery


The vast majority of our programme is delivered remotely via TrainingPeaks, including detailed instructions for each workout using your individual threshold to set pace zones specific to you.

5. Data analysis

WKO4 demo.png

Once you have uploaded your data we review it through TrainingPeaks and WKO4, industry leading fitness analysis programmes designed to give us an insight into your sessions and fitness. We look at relationships between power, pace and heart rate, look for patterns in overall trends and use the results to provide feedback and have a short discussion about each workout. While numbers and data are all well and good, it’s only from discussions with the athlete that we can gauge fitness.

6. Race Plan

BBS cheat sheet.png

We then take your fitness data and help you create a plan for race day, including equipment to bring, recommended clothing, target paces and strategies for tackling individual courses, to help you line up on the start line with the confidence you need to perform.

7. Best Bike Split

BBS simon

While creating the race plan we use an advanced piece of software called Best Bike Split to help us create a bespoke plan for you on race day. We start by entering details of you and your bike, then import the course info into the software which then provides us with a detailed breakdown of target speed and/or power zones to hold for each section of the race. This includes everything from your bike fit measurements and the depth of your wheels to course altitude, predicted temperature and even the weather forecast to help you create a plan which allows you to ride strongly while still leaving enough in the legs for the run.

8. Post Race Analysis

Each race is followed up with a discussion about what went well and how we can improve for next time. This can be as simple as an exchange of messages for shorter or low priority races, or a full meeting where we trawl through data together following an A race. We then work out how the best way forward and adjust our training to reflect this.

As you can imagine, this is an ongoing process, and we aim to develop relationships with our athletes over several years to ensure that improvements keep coming.