At Phazon Triathlon we aim to be a one stop shop for triathletes, whether we are teaching people to swim, advising on gear, providing training programmes, creating nutrition plans, providing 1to1 coaching in person or delivering seminars to large groups.

Our coaching is based upon personalisation, we do not sell stock training plans or copy and paste weeks between athletes, every plan is curated for you personally to maximise performance, minimise fatigue, increase family time and reduce the risk of injury.

We track athlete’s progress and regularly check in to discuss progress, ask for feedback and devise the best way to move forwards together. Our training plans are not set in stone but are constantly evolving, whether due to injury, work commitments or a period of free time when we can push on more with our training.

Growth is at the forefront of our approach, with our approach constantly evolving and developing, passing our knowledge onto athletes to develop a culture of evolution and respect, rather than a culture of dependency.


Our plans are delivered using TrainingPeaks, the industry standard for tracking and predicting fitness, we use our large library of sessions individually catered for you and your threshold pace. Once the workout has been completed athletes with a level 2/3 plan will receive an analysis of the workout and comments with any notes/questions for the athlete.

Data will be periodically exported to WKO4 where we can create bespoke charts to track your progress over time, comparing your progress over different disciplines and between different years.

Once we approach race day we fire up the most exciting tool in our arsenal, Best Bike Split. This software takes data such as your functional threshold power (FTP), weight, height, details of your bike and a GPX of the course to provide you with an estimated finishing time and most importantly provide you with a pacing strategy to follow on the day, ensuring that you pace the bike effectively and can start your run feeling fresh.