Beginners Programme

For many athletes the standard coaching packages that we offer can be intimidating, they require a certain level of knowledge to get the most out of.

With this in mind we have created our beginners programme to help those who are attempting their first triathlon and simply want an introduction to the way we train for the races. It includes the following:

3 Coached sessions
This is a chance for us to have a look at your swimming, cycling and running to offer first hand advice on your form and technique. These are not personal training sessisons designed to push you to your limit, although there will be a fitness element. Most athletes will benefit from a swim, bike and run session, but you may divide these sessions between disciplines as much as you’d like.

Advice on purchasing equipment
There are a lot of brands tempting you with gadgets you never knew you needed or friends insisting that you should be spending four figures on your first bike. We can look at your current equipment, your budget, and recommend on the best places to spend your money for optimal performance, some of the answers may surprise you!

Transition advice
Swapping between the three sports is an art in itself, and an effective transition takes practice. While saving seconds in transition may not be important to beginners, a stress free and smooth period in the transition area is vital to help you remain calm and in control, even avoid disqualification! We help you run through the transition process with tips on laying out your transition area, removing your wetsuit, mounting your bike and how to get your running shoes on quickly.

Technical Support
You may have bought an expensive new bike computer or turbo trainer, yet be at a bit of a loss on how to set it up to get the most out of it. We can help you get your equipment up and running effectively, whether it is your new bike, your triathlon watch or turbo trainer.

Introduction to TrainingPeaks
Our coaching plans are based around an incredibly powerful, yet potentially intimidating piece of software called TrainingPeaks. While some take to this like a fish to water, other struggle to get their heads around the process. We sit down with you to talk you through the process of uploading and analysing workouts, leaving comments and how to export these workouts onto your cycle devices for you to follow. This it to allow a smooth transition into our standard coaching programmes.

This beginner’s programme can be provided over a short period such as a single day, a week, or a longer period depending on your availability. The cost of the course is £120 for those based in the London area. For those living further afield we can still deliver the programme, although it may have to be condensed into a single day/weekend and additional charges may apply to cover travel/accommodation expenses. E-mail for more information.