Should You Ride in Extreme Conditions?

As road cyclists/triathletes we generally pride ourselves on being hard. Riding up a mountain for 90 minutes? No problem. Dropping down a hill at 50MPH? Hold my beer. 12 hours straight with no break? Walk in the park. However there comes a time when cycling is simply not very sensible and has a high margin … Continue reading Should You Ride in Extreme Conditions?

Swim Training Options

There are a multitude of swimming venues, ranging from council run pools to the open sea, which environment is right for triathletes to train in? Let’s look at the options. Local Authority Pool   These are found all around the western world, normally run by the local council, they provide accessible swimming for all. Their … Continue reading Swim Training Options

Introduction to Running Injuries

  Running injuries are, unfortunately, part and parcel of running, with 65% of runners experiencing some kind of injury every year. However permanent damage and elongated time off of running are avoidable, let’s start looking at different types of running injury. Impact Injuries These are injuries which are as a result of getting it wrong … Continue reading Introduction to Running Injuries

Do You Have What it Takes to Complete an Ironman?

The question rattling around in the back of many people’s minds, what does it take to complete an Ironman? What follows isn’t a comprehensive list of attributes and prerequisites to complete a race, but are worth considering before you take the leap and book yourself a race entry. Medical clearance to compete While you do … Continue reading Do You Have What it Takes to Complete an Ironman?