Coached Sessions

Coached Session


Remote coaching and meetings are sufficient for some, but for many athletes they want a coach there in person to analyse their form, push them beyond their limits and convert what they see into the training plan. Coached sessions can cover any and all aspects of triathlon, however popular sessions include:

Swim Video Analysis

Our most popular session, we use the pools at David Lloyd Club in Raynes Park to film your technique and provide you with the footage along with a full written report including strengths, faults and corrections. Many of us think we know what we’re doing in the pool but it is only with detailed video analysis from different angles that we can asses the strengths and weaknesses in your stroke. This will be compiled into a report for you, with video footage sent onto you for your own reference.

Due to the nature of this session additional charges apply, the cost of this session is £75, or £50 for David Lloyd members/current athletes.

Swim Analysis (no video)

For this session we will head to your local pool with a collection of swim equipment, observe your stroke, and teach you drills to help correct your flaws.

Bike Maintenance

The ability to fix your bike yourself will help give you confidence as a cyclist, no longer fearing punctures and safe in the knowledge that you can quickly diagnose and fix the most common problems. We will bring along a selection of tools and one of our own bikes to demonstrate on.

Open Water Swimming

Nervous about your first swim in open water? Have a habit of swimming off course? Prone to panic attacks? Need practice with your starts? We can help improve your comfort and speed in the water with our open water sessions, swimming at accredited venues and staying within arms reach at all times.

Track Session

Taking place at a running track, we will run together to observe your technique, film your form and give you some drills to help address your weaknesses.

Ride Companion

Heading outside the safety blanket of your local routes can be intimidating for many, the fear of mechanical failure, getting lost or simply running out of energy can put a lot of new cyclists off of one of the greatest pleasures in road cycling, exploring new areas. We can show you some of the less travelled routes using a preplanned route, providing mechanical assistance along the way.

All sessions are priced at £40 each, or £30 if you are currently training with us. Most sessions can be booked either for a single athlete for for a larger group with discounts available for multiple athletes or regular sessions.