For those looking for help with their technique or for a coach to push them harder than they would otherwise be able to during a training sessions, we offer one to one training sessions.

Whether you are an experienced club swimmer or someone who has a fear of the water, we use qualified swim teachers and coaches to help improve your swimming. We look at all phases of the stroke and introduce a number of drills to help improve your technique in the water. Everybody can improve their technique in one way or another, we aim to help swimmers whether they are stuck on a plateau or preparing for their first ever competition. We also offer one to one and group sessions for those who are new to open water swimming.

There is much more to cycling technique than simply pointing in the direction you want to go and turning the pedals. Whether you are a complete novice who hasn’t ridden a bike since childhood, someone who has just bought there first road bike and is looking for guidance, or a seasoned rider looking to improve their handling skills/fitness, coached cycling sessions can vastly improve your efficiency and speed on the bike.

While everybody can put one foot in front of the other, running with good form and training intelligently will take minutes off of your time and make your running far more enjoyable. Most coached sessions take place on a running track where we will analyse your form, practice some running drills, then engage in a challenging conditioning set to stimulate different energy systems and push your boundaries.

All sessions are priced at £40, or £30 if you are currently undertaking one of our coaching programs. Contact me at for more information or to register your interest