Coached Sessions

While remote coaching is our bread and butter, we offer a wide variety of 1 to 1 coached sessions to help you get the upper hand on your competition by improving your technique and building your confidence under the watchful eye of our coaches.

This is the sport that the majority of our coached sessions cover as technique is such an important part of swimming performance and many triathletes start the sport with little to no background in the pool.

Swimming Lessons
Many athletes come to us with little more than an ambition to complete a triathlon and suffer with either a lack of swimming ability or fears associated with deep water. For these athletes the best approach is regular swimming lessons to help improve their confidence, improve technique and address their fears. Once they can swim consecutive lengths it is best to reduce the frequency of these sessions in favour of remote coaching and less frequent coached sessions for a tune up.

Technique Session
For many athletes technique is what holds them back most in the water and the area where gains can be made most quickly. During a basic technique session we tend to focus on one or two main points so as not to overwhelm you, explaining the importance of improving these areas and how to improve them, giving you some drills to take away and practice yourself.

Video Analysis Session
Our most popular session, we film your stroke from a variety of angles and then analyse is, sending you the original footage as well as a blow by blow analysis of your stroke and how to improve it.

Introduction to Open Water
Swimming in open water can be incredibly intimidating, we all remember our first open water swim and for most of us it was far from gracious or fast! To help ease the transition we can be there to help your first swim, giving you an outline of what to expect and be alongside you during your first swim.

Open Water Race Skills
Once you have completed your first event it’s time to focus on ways to improve your speed in the open water. With advanced sighting techniques, deep water starts, turning round buoys and drafting tips we can help propel you further up the field.

There is far more to riding a bike than simply putting more power through the pedals, you need to be able to handle your bike confidently and precisely to put in a competitive bike split.

Skills Session
The world of rod cycling can be quite intimidating to newcomers, with a slew of jargon and unspoken rules combined with handling a road bike at high speed, we can help by addressing these concerns and helping you improve your gear shifting, developing precise braking, increase the speed at which you can confidently corner and and teach you the subtle art of group riding.

Bike Maintenance
Being able to fix your bike on the go is an imperative skill, there’s no point spending hundreds of hours training for even event only to have to pull out if you suffer a puncture. We’ll demonstrate the correct way to fix the most common roadside emergencies as well as taking you through basic maintenance tasks such as cleaning your drivetrain and replacing brake pads.

Long Ride
The open road can be intimidating for some, and getting the long rides in when you don’t know the local roads can be tough. We head out on a long ride with you, showing you the best routes and the best cafes, riding to your pace throughout. A great chance for you to push yourself further than ever before.


Has anybody ever taught you to run? Most of us just put one foot in front of another until we go faster, but there is actually a surprising amount involved in effective running from. Most of our running sessions take place on the track with a focus on pacing and running form, including drills to emphasise areas of your stride which need work.

Most sessions are priced at £50 each and last around an hour, although there is slight flexibility here. If the session is likely to run significantly over an hour or then this will cost £80. There is a discount of £10 a session for athletes currently engaged in one of our coaching programmes.