I have been one year with Simon, and it has been great. He has helped me to prepare for an Ironman 70.3, from zero to the point that I am now I can see my evolution and it’s just great. He is always available for you, and reply to your message and give you training feedback quite fast so you can have a very good idea of how it has been. I have been able to finish a triathlon and looking forward to more! Simon is very friendly and approachable, it has been a great year and I am looking to improve my skills day to day with him as a coach. I could not have chosen a better coach than Simon

Rodrigo Carrasco
Choosing to work with Simon was by far the best decision that I have ever made regarding triathlons. I am absolutely sure that I couldn’t have completed the Vichy Ironman without Simon’s help.
I enjoy training more than I ever did before, I train in a different way, I haven’t had any injuries, and my performance is way better. Whatever your level, everyone needs Simon!
Chris Sykes

Simon has been training me for the London Duathlon for two months now and i’m amazed at how far i’ve come in this short period of time. It’s motivating to witness measurable improvement to my performance day by day and that is thanks to our coaching programme. Simon’s structured training plans provide me with order, discipline and some fun along the way. Especially when i’m bike training on the turbo trainer! He’s also flexible with my plans to accommodate my unpredictable and often busy work schedule. His timely feedback on my work outs keep me accountable and motivated. I also enjoy our coached sessions together because I always leave them feeling smarter and better equipped on all things gear-related, mechanics and form. Simon’s detailed knowledge and passion for the sport is palpable. Working with a coach as patient, professional and friendly as Simon is a great pleasure. These go a long way for a novice duathlete like me. I’m looking forward to taking my game to the next level with Simon.

Mona Chammas
I started working with Simon during lockdown, with the goal of completing an ironman, when I felt like my training had started to become aimless without clear goals and events to work towards. I have an endurance background as a runner, but swimming and cycling was new to me – May was the first time I cycled outside since I was 14 and I had never swam open water.
With that in mind, Simon brought a very thoughtful approach to training, setting my baseline fitness for each event and then building from there. My cycling and swimming improved a lot over the last 5 months despite having to rely entirely on virtual communication. Not having a coach before, probably the biggest difference was the structure and time saved by not having to think about workouts, automatically syncing with Zwift/garmin etc – when working full time this makes a huge difference.
I ended up completing the ironman in just over 10 hours with Simon’s logistical & nutritional advice as important as the fitness gain, completing solo on open roads. Along the way, I was able to maintain my run fitness, even setting some PBs along the way despite much lower training volumes. I highly recommend Simon if you’re thinking about getting a coach
James Cheseldine

Coach Simon did an amazing job with my training. I was 59, grumpy, out of shape and miserable. My goal was to complete my first 70.3. I had been somewhat of an athlete as a kid but had no idea how to prepare. I tried a real life coach but I didn’t really want so much attention. After a while this “live” coach got on my nerves. A friend recommended Training Peaks and through TP they have a coaching option and they assigned Simon as my coach. Simon is from the UK and I was training and travelling in Switzerland. It worked beautifully. Workouts were easy to follow, flexible and the workload was just right for my age and schedule. I never met Simon. I don’t even know what he looks like, but I feel like I have known him for years. He is a professional. He knows his stuff and is eager to share all of his Triathlon knowledge and experience. He is also a pretty good cheerleader. During my training I always imagined the little devil Simon on one side of my head and the little Angel Simon on the other. Cheering me on, telling me always never to go too hard yet congratulating me at the same time for my efforts. Asking pertinent questions on my training. Analysing and graphing my workouts, preparing my long term training plan and showing me were I needed to be for my 70.3 race. 8 months ago I couldn’t run 1Km without stopping. Simons plan worked for me. I finished my first 70.3 and my time was very respectable. Thank You Simon.
We will need to do this again soon.


Simon is excellent and helped me prepare and do my first sprint and Olympic triathlons this year. We are now working on my next goal. He is always available to answer my often stupid questions and he never makes me feel as though I can’t do things. In fact, he is great at relating various issues I have to his past experience.
I thoroughly recommend Simon.

Alexandra Duncan

“Completing the Ironman 70.3 Mallorca in May-19 would not have been possible without the support and coaching of Simon. Within the space of 3 months Simon totally changed my self-taught, destructive training approach and created an enviroment where firstly I enjoyed my daily training regime and secondly, was able to build confidence in my endurance ability prior to the event.

In hindsight, I do not think I would have finished close to the time I did without the specific and technical input gained through the coaching.

We achieved a lot in a short space of time and with a race time of 5:47, I am now continuing my trianing with a more aggressive strategy to target that sub 5hrs next time round.

Money spent on coaching is well worth it when you consider the time, energy and money spent on training and racing otherwise.”

Robert Du Toit

As of Apr-23, I have been working with Simon for the last 3.5 months in preparation of an ironman race (coming up in Oct-23) and a marathon (completed in Mar-23 with a new PB!). I chose his intensive coaching program which involves customised weekly training plans and daily interaction with Simon. He has been a fantastic coach and I would recommend anyone seriously training for an event to work with Simon. In hindsight, coaching with Simon has been the best way to spend money in terms of Ironman prep (more important than getting a fancy new bike for example). Most noteworthy in my view is the following:

  • Attention to detail. For example, Simon analyses each training session and asks questions about certain data points such as heart rate variations
  • Dedication to athletes. Simon makes himself available at short notice and responds usually within the same day to questions. We have had multiple Zoom sessions for me to understand certain training concepts better such as nutrition, fuelling etc
  • Knowledge. Simon has a very broad knowledge base that allows him to advise on different matters beyond just training. This included for me nutrition and electrolyte intake as well as advice on which physio to see regarding a looming tendonitis (which I have successfully overcome)
  • Focused on keeping you in the race. Simon is continuously focused on preventing injury through gradual increase of volume and constant monitoring of how the athlete feels. I have never before trained at current volumes completely injury free, thanks to Simon’s thoughtful training plan and physio advice. Simon is exactly the coach you need to push you harder than you could on your own, and conversely hold you back more than you would on your own to prevent injury

So, if you are lucky enough to have a chance at working with Simon, you should definitely go for it!


After 5 years of triathlon and two Ironman races I decided to ask Simon to coach me. I have trained and worked with Simon for a few years, but the deciding factor was Simon’s flexible program, which he is happy to tailor and adjust to my unpredictable & often hectic lifestyle.

Like many small business owners it is hard to plan my week; and if a job comes in or an opportunity to take a client out for lunch presents itself, then training gets shelved, again. Meaning for the past 5 years I’ve not improved, and suffered numerous injures due my inconsistency.

Simon has bought some order. Cutting down the hours I send training, ensuring that I actually prioritise rather than just react – ‘wow I’ve got morning free, let’s ride/run/swim’ with no thought to structure.

Simon has focused me on easily measurable metrics that I can use to see real progress. It’s almost made the dreaded turbo fun. Or at least interesting.

Rather than riding along every weekend, looking down at the garmin and seeing some interesting numbers that mean nothing, I now see motivation.

Previously I wasted a lot of time getting the bike out, getting kitted up, and riding to Richmond Park, with no plan and no gain (except to overtake as many people as possible) now I’m down the garage, on the turbo and can see my FTP improvement immediately. All in under an hour.

Lee Williams

I contacted Simon when I was considering signing up for my first Ironman. I have a
demanding job with frequent travel, and a young family, and so wasn’t even sure that I was capable of training for Ironman. I approached Simon as he specialises in providing flexible programs for time stretched athletes, to get his thoughts. From the very first meeting, I knew that I was in expert hands. Although I’d been doing shorter triathlons for 8 years already, I’d never had much of an idea of how to structure my training, and really wanted to take the guesswork out of the process. Over the course of the following 11 months, I can’t stress enough how valuable Simon’s advice and guidance was. He structured a great training program, taking into account the available time that I had and regularly making adjustments to accommodate changes to my schedule and availability due to work and family commitments, and as a result of illness and minor injuries. He was always on hand to patiently and expertly answer the myriad questions I had, and was a reassuring guide throughout my training process. Without his program and ongoing support, I doubt I would have made it to the start line, and I certainly would not have got to the Ironman finish line with a smile on my face, knowing that I’d achieved something that I genuinely wasn’t sure I’d be capable of when I signed up. I’m eternally grateful – thanks, Simon.

Ed Wilkie

“I can honestly not recommend Simon enough as a triathlon coach. I signed up to Ironman Austria back in 2019 which because of Covid was delayed and delayed, eventually until September 2021. After a year of hard DIY training I was feeling a little unmotivated and so hired Simon to give me some guidance and structure.

Without doubt, I would not have got close to the result I got without Simon’s help. My goal was to finish in a time faster than 12 hours. I also had a sub goal to finish a 70.3 in under 6 hours which had just eluded me in 2018 and 2019.
The structured workouts provided a much needed routine and motivation to get out the door far more regularly. It ensured I moved away from the unproductive hours of training and back towards sessions which strengthened and challenged me.
These benefits though are likely to be the result of coaching from any professional. Where Simon really excelled was with his attention to detail, communication and willingness to listen. Simon read every message on every workout and fed my comments back into training for the following weeks. If I had sessions where I didn’t hit key targets, Simon was attentive to the causes of this and open to my input and comments on what I was feeling. This meant that I had absolutely no issues dealing with weeks off recovering with Covid, injuries or even (dare I say it) holidays. Throughout the entire training period, I was never worried with any disruption because of Simon’s availability and adaptability.
Ultimately I was able to absolutely smash my start of year goals. I completed a 70.3 in just 5:01:51 and finished my full distance ironman in 11:48:29. This was in spite of having picked up an irritating knee niggle on my final training ride. On top of this I achieved personal bests over 10km and half marathon distance (the week after the ironman) which goes to show that this programme really has made me the fittest of my life, even over distances which I hadn’t trained for.
I have absolutely no doubt that following Simon’s guidance, anyone would be able to achieve their (realistic!) triathlon goals.

Simon has been excellent in helping me move from being a runner into Triathlon. What is particularly good is that Simon has been there and done it despite his young age. Sessions are well planned and thought out with clear instructions of aim of the session – feedback is timely, relevant and encouraging. In particular Simon has helped me improve my cycling skills through riding with me and also given me great confidence in my open water swimming by helping me with me first session. I came away from the swim wanting to do another session immediately, despite me having zero confidence and fearing it at the start of the session. Simon always seems to find something positive and encouraging to say. He also has great technical knowledge of relevant kit so is always able to give good advice before purchasing the huge amount of kit Triathletes need!

James Chapell

In eight weeks Simon has transformed me from a terrified non-swimmer who refused to go near a pool, into a confident swimmer, capable of swimming 504m (front crawl).

In the time we have worked together, I have dropped a dress size and am now much more confident about my figure and fitness. Simon’s coaching has also benefited me in my hiking and hill walking, as I have been able to transfer the skills he has given me.

Simon developed a challenging (but also reasonable) programme for me, and in the time we have worked together, I have been able to recognise and track my progress and self-development.

I hope to continue to work with Simon and reach my goal of being a Master Swimmer.

Rachel Lawston

Having never done a triathlon before, a lot of people told me it would be a good idea to get a coach, but I had always thought that online training plans and generic advice would see me through. Long story short they did not. After struggling with my way around the London Marathon I realised I needed some outside help. I engaged with Simon through IRONMAN U and it has been such a great experience. Simon is EXTREMELY knowledgable in all things triathlon and has a way of explaining techniques, training methods and delivering feedback which makes you feel like an amateur. My biggest issue ahead of my IRONMAN 70.3 was the open water swim. The idea of which would keep me up at night. Simon took this on board and focused on getting me out of the safety and comfort of the pool, taking me to a local lake and also to a choppy sea to help me overcome my anxiety and acclimatise to open water conditions. To cut a long story short, I completed my first 70.3 in Edinburgh and I can honestly say this would not have been possible without Simon’s help. We are now moving onto phase two, which id focusing on technique and performance so I can smash Weymouth 70.3 in September ahead of the ultimate goal of a full IRONMAN in South Africa next year ! ! !

James Hawkins

I absolutely recommend Simon as a coach. His approach to training, knowledge and attention to detail made him the perfect fit to coach me round my first IRONMAN race. Simon got me to the start line, fit and injury-free with a solid race plan. I also had a smile on my face at the finish line..! I will be working with Simon again for IRONMAN number two and I can recommend his services to anyone that is looking for a coach

Ben Griffiths

I hired Simon to help me complete my first IRONMAN 70.3 From the very first moment Simon has been excellent. Advice on swimming which I find the hardest discipline and worked with me at building a plan for me to meet my goal of completing an IRONMAN 70.3 Great workouts that are posted on time with notes and each workout explained so I know what is expected of each time I Swim, Run or Cycle. Simon is also around for any questions or queries that I may have about my training and is also working with me on recommending which 70.3 I should be taking on and also planning when I should be doing some warm up Olympic triathlons. I highly recommend Simon for all levels of athlete and I am looking forward to working with Simon to reach my goals for many years to come.

John Wooley

I started with Simon once I’d made the decision to do my first Ironman.  I’d been doing triathlons for a few seasons but after trawling through loads of different information on training plans realised I badly needed some help..especially as I’d really dropped myself in the deep end with Ironman Wales.  It was a great decision, from the moment I started working with Simon he built a training plan around my needs, recognising all the challenges I had – busy work, and a busy family with three demanding kids!  The training went well and so did the Ironman, despite the 40mph winds and lashing rain, I enjoyed it and it was great to know I’d been able to rely on Simon every step of the way. Even dealing with my last-minute panic having seen the weather forecast!  Post-Ironman, I’ve continued to work with him and look forward to tackling many future challenges with his help!

Mark Ormond

Simon has really helped me take my cycling to the next level.  Before I didn’t have much structure to my training and I didn’t really know what I was doing – I just naively thought all training was time well spent, regardless of what I actually did.

Simon established and then guided me through a structured training programme that took into account my goals and changing availability.  Together we’ve produced significantly improved results and I’m a lot better prepared.  It’s not just about data analysis – Simon has also improved my approach to nutrition and my cycling technique.

Phil Hagan


After completing the London Marathon, I looked for a new challenge, and saw it in the Ironman. I signed up to Ironman Bolton without any real idea about the level of training required nor knowledge of how to cross the finish line.

I can safely say I would not have finished Ironman Bolton 2021, nor got a time I’m proud of without the support of Simon. He helped provide a tailored training plan that suited me and my schedule. He was the first trainer I had who read my feedback and reacted accordingly, adjusting planned workouts, and offering advice.

To begin with I simply completed a generic weekly workout plan which was not giving me the progress I desired. I knew I needed to turn to someone experienced and who could guide me through my training. Simon certainly was able to do this for me.

In short if you have a goal to complete an endurance race then I would certainly recommend Simon. Moreover, I will myself be using him again when I find a new crazy challenge to sign up for!


Alexander de Kare-Silver

Simon helped me achieve a level of fitness that I didn’t know I could. Whilst working together I completed a range of triathlons with huge improvements in my running. I even had a baby mid-way through our training. Thank you so much for all your help .