Biomechanics Coaching

The human body goes through a lot in day to day life, throw triathlon training into the mix and it can create no ends of issues, resulting in a loss of performance and an increased risk of injury.

Biomechanics coaching aims to reset your body to its original alignment as best as we can, doing our best to eliminate leg length discrepancies, reduce spasm, relieve tightness and improve stability. A body that works well, moving fluidly and with good alignment can perform at the peak of its ability, a body that is riddled with tightness and imbalances will never reach its true potential. This programme is evidence based and has been tried and tested over 25 years on both Olympic athletes and the general public to the same effect.

Biomechanics Coaching has four levels, working from ensuring that you have basic function to tolerate training with minimal risk of injury all the way up to specialised exercises tailored specifically to your body and the sports you choose to compete in.

We offer three levels of service:

15 minute consultation- free
In this 15 minute session we assess your basic hip and spine function to check for any obvious issues, as this is where the majority of injuries and restrictions stem from.

Full Screening- £85

This initial Biomechanics screen is intended to identify biomechanical areas at risk of injury within your body and with regards to your neuro-musculoskeletal system (including pelvis, spine, shoulders, knees, feet, joints, muscles and nerves). The manual screening system we use requires no machinery so is able to be performed anywhere. The screens are perfectly safe and have been show to be extremely effective. At the end of the session, you will be provided with a list of exercises which will be passed onto your coach for implementation into your training plan.

Follow-Up Biomechanics Session- £60

Once the initial screening has been performed, we will have a good area of which areas need attention on a follow-up session. You will also be more familiar with the exercises. Both of these factors mean that the screening and coaching session can be shorter than the initial session, whilst still giving you the information and specific exercises required to move more freely, optimise function and minimise injury risk. The follow-up session is advised to be within two weeks of the first screening, as initial changes can happen fairly quickly and athletes can usually be moved on to the next phase of the Biomechanics Coaching system at this point.