Phazon Performance Programme

The Phazon Performance Programme is a training plan for athletes who don’t like training plans. It could be that you don’t like being tied down, you want to disappear and do your own thing every weekend, or you just have a very busy family/work life and just have to fit in what you can when you can.

The Programme is delivered by British Triathlon High Performing Coach Simon Olney and consists of four sessions delivered to you each week; one pool session, one cycle session, one run session, and one strength session delivered via TrainingPeaks. These sessions will vary from hard interval sets to technique sessions, and everything in-between.

There are no set days to complete these sessions on, and you can complete as many or as few sessions as you please, even shortening or extending them as you see fit. There won’t be anyone breathing down your neck or holding you to account.

By combining these weekly sessions with your own longer, steady state sessions based on your calendar and goal event, you can be confident that you’re hitting the foundation required to boost your performance regardless of distance. No more following random Zwift workouts or throwing random weights around in the gym, all of the guesswork it taken out of the process for you, allowing you to simply turn up and do what you do best. Perform.

As well as your training sessions our programme includes a 30 minute welcome call with coach Simon, monthly Zoom Q&A sessions, the opportunity to network with other athletes in our Facebook group, and access our branded team kit. All of this for only £20 per month. That’s £5 per week. Best of all, whichever rate you sign up to you are locked into that price. Forever.

Ready to get started? Simply follow the link below to sign up to our monthly direct debit and we’ll be in touch to set up your welcome call:

Phazon Performance Programme Membership

Membership plus TrainingPeaks Premium


Why would I need TrainingPeaks Premium?

TrainingPeaks Premium allows you to move your workouts around during a week. If the days we set the workouts on don’t suit you, you can move them around so they sync to your device/training software correctly. It also allows you to track fitness trends over time, see all the data from your workout, edit the workout to suit your fitness and more. For additional information on TrainingPeaks premium, follow this link:

I’m training for an Ironman, is this suitable for me?

Absolutely. We write our sessions to ensure they are applicable to all athletes. If someone is training for their first sprint distance event, these sessions alone may be sufficient for them. If they are training for an Ironman, these would make up most of/all your high quality sessions for the week, and you would fill in the rest of your available time with easy swimming/cycling/running. Our sessions will make you stronger, regardless of the distance of your event.

How do I fit in my club sessions/parkrun/race?

For athletes who have regular training sessions with your club, they could simply skip sessions where appropriate. If you have a hard track workout during the week and the run session we set you for the week is high intensity, you could simply skip the session we set you and head out for an easier session instead. If you have a high intensity session on the weekend, you might want to consider reducing the intensity of the activities, and avoiding the sport in question close to the race. If you have a 10K race on Sunday, doing hill reps on Friday probably won’t set you up for success.

I don’t have a gym membership and have no interest in signing up to one, can you give me some exercises to complete at home?

Yes, we have a series of bodyweight sessions for you to follow. While we won’t be able to build the raw strength that’s achievable in the gym, something is always better than nothing, and we can make some significant improvements to your strength and mobility with minimal equipment. Simply mention this in your setup call and we will help facilitate this.

How are the sessions set?

We set our swims based on RPE, our bike sessions on power, and our run sessions on pace. Setting swim sessions based on pace is fiddly, so we keep it to rate of perceived exertion (how hard it feels) in the name of simplicity. As the majority of triathletes own a smart trainer which reports power numbers, we choose to use power for our interval session as it is superior to heart rate for shorter efforts. For running we choose pace as many runners encounter issues running to heart rate, and not many athletes run to power.

If you wish however you can change the targets to a method of your choice with a TrainingPeaks premium account, or simply convert the zones in your head. If the session is 3X5 minutes at pace zone 4, 3X5 minutes at heart rate zone 4 or run power zone 4 should give a very similar training stimulus.

How will the plan change over the year?

We will roughly periodise your plan based on the racing calendar. During the spring and summer we will be focusing on more race specific sessions such as brick runs and pool sets to help you prepare for open water. During the winter the focus will instead be on building strength and aerobic endurance to give us a solid foundation for race season.

What about open water swimming?

We will leave this up to the athlete. If triathletes do all of their swimming in open water in summer, they can lose the conditioning and speed they developed over winter. Additionally, not every athlete has access to open water every week or it may be very expensive, so we focus on pool swimming.

What if I want something a bit more personalised?

This is where our custom training plans come in. For the price of £10 per week we can write you a bespoke training plan based on athletic history, goal event and time available.

Can I get a discount for paying up front?

Yes, if you wish you can pay £200 for an entire year of membership. Please contact us directly if you are interested and we can organise a bank transfer.

Can I ask you questions about my training/racing?

Our monthly Q&A sessions are the best place for this, however we’re aware that sometimes you have a question which just can’t wait. We can help you answer simple questions about your training, but won’t be able to talk you through the ins and outs of purchasing a triathlon bike or give you extensive feedback on your swim technique for free.

Still have questions? Simply get in contact below or at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.