Stock Triathlon Training Plans

If you don’t feel you’re in a position to commit to one of our bespoke products, you can still benefit from our expertise by following one of our standalone triathlon training plans.

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Why Follow a Triathlon Training Plan?

Triathlon training is overwhelming even for experienced athletes. From magazines to social media and books to interviews with professional athletes we are overloaded with suggestions. It can be difficult to know what to fit into the week when you only have a finite amount of time to train. Our plans help ensure you make the most of this time.

We all want to increase the volume and intensity of our training over time. But knowing the correct way to do so without serious risk of injury can be difficult. It’s all too easy to get carried away and burn ourselves out. Following a long term plan is the best way to avoid this.

Why Pay for a Triathlon Training Plan?

Magazines, websites and even successful age group athletes will all share training plans for free. These will be fairly simplistic and refer to general concepts such as “zone 2” and “threshold intervals”. For most athletes this isn’t enough, and they need more information.

Our training plans are delivered via TrainingPeaks, allowing for more detail in each workout, syncing of workouts to your fitness device, and the ability to track your long term performance via the TrainingPeaks platform. Don’t worry if you’re a complete novice, we have plenty of articles talking you through the platform and how to make the most out of it. You will perform fitness tests at the start of the programme and have specific targets tailored to your ability to aim for in each workout.

When you consider the amount you have invested in your bike, entry fee, travel and wetsuit, spending a bit more on a training plan to get you to the finish should be a priority for most athletes.

Our plans include detailed instructions on all exercises and drills, as well as access to our coaching team if you have any questions or issues.

Still not convinced? PHAZON10 gives you 10% off of our plans on the TrainingPeaks webstore.