“Coaching with Simon has been the best way to spend money”

As of Apr-23, I have been working with Simon for the last 3.5 months in preparation of an ironman race (coming up in Oct-23) and a marathon (completed in Mar-23 with a new PB!). I chose his intensive coaching program which involves customised weekly training plans and daily interaction with Simon. He has been a fantastic coach and I would recommend anyone seriously training for an event to work with Simon. In hindsight, coaching with Simon has been the best way to spend money in terms of Ironman prep (more important than getting a fancy new bike for example). Most noteworthy in my view is the following:

  • Attention to detail. For example, Simon analyses each training session and asks questions about certain data points such as heart rate variations
  • Dedication to athletes. Simon makes himself available at short notice and responds usually within the same day to questions. We have had multiple Zoom sessions for me to understand certain training concepts better such as nutrition, fuelling etc
  • Knowledge. Simon has a very broad knowledge base that allows him to advise on different matters beyond just training. This included for me nutrition and electrolyte intake as well as advice on which physio to see regarding a looming tendonitis (which I have successfully overcome)
  • Focused on keeping you in the race. Simon is continuously focused on preventing injury through gradual increase of volume and constant monitoring of how the athlete feels. I have never before trained at current volumes completely injury free, thanks to Simon’s thoughtful training plan and physio advice. Simon is exactly the coach you need to push you harder than you could on your own, and conversely hold you back more than you would on your own to prevent injury

So, if you are lucky enough to have a chance at working with Simon, you should definitely go for it!

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