“Simon bought a very thoughtful approach to training”

I started working with Simon during lockdown, with the goal of completing an ironman, when I felt like my training had started to become aimless without clear goals and events to work towards. I have an endurance background as a runner, but swimming and cycling was new to me – May was the first time I cycled outside since I was 14 and I had never swam open water.
With that in mind, Simon brought a very thoughtful approach to training, setting my baseline fitness for each event and then building from there. My cycling and swimming improved a lot over the last 5 months despite having to rely entirely on virtual communication. Not having a coach before, probably the biggest difference was the structure and time saved by not having to think about workouts, automatically syncing with Zwift/garmin etc – when working full time this makes a huge difference.
I ended up completing the ironman in just over 10 hours with Simon’s logistical & nutritional advice as important as the fitness gain, completing solo on open roads. Along the way, I was able to maintain my run fitness, even setting some PBs along the way despite much lower training volumes. I highly recommend Simon if you’re thinking about getting a coach

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