Lee Williams

After 5 years of triathlon and two Ironman races I decided to ask Simon to coach me. I have trained and worked with Simon for a few years, but the deciding factor was Simon’s flexible program, which he is happy to tailor and adjust to my unpredictable & often hectic lifestyle.

Like many small business owners it is hard to plan my week; and if a job comes in or an opportunity to take a client out for lunch presents itself, then training gets shelved, again. Meaning for the past 5 years I’ve not improved, and suffered numerous injures due my inconsistency.

Simon has bought some order. Cutting down the hours I send training, ensuring that I actually prioritise rather than just react – ‘wow I’ve got morning free, let’s ride/run/swim’ with no thought to structure.

Simon has focused me on easily measurable metrics that I can use to see real progress. It’s almost made the dreaded turbo fun. Or at least interesting.

Rather than riding along every weekend, looking down at the garmin and seeing some interesting numbers that mean nothing, I now see motivation.

Previously I wasted a lot of time getting the bike out, getting kitted up, and riding to Richmond Park, with no plan and no gain (except to overtake as many people as possible) now I’m down the garage, on the turbo and can see my FTP improvement immediately. All in under an hour.