Mark Ormond

I started with Simon once I’d made the decision to do my first Ironman.  I’d been doing triathlons for a few seasons but after trawling through loads of different information on training plans realised I badly needed some help..especially as I’d really dropped myself in the deep end with Ironman Wales.  It was a great decision, from the moment I started working with Simon he built a training plan around my needs, recognising all the challenges I had – busy work, and a busy family with three demanding kids!  The training went well and so did the Ironman, despite the 40mph winds and lashing rain, I enjoyed it and it was great to know I’d been able to rely on Simon every step of the way. Even dealing with my last-minute panic having seen the weather forecast!  Post-Ironman, I’ve continued to work with him and look forward to tackling many future challenges with his help!