“I have absolutely no doubt that following Simon’s guidance, anyone would be able to achieve their (realistic!) triathlon goals.”

“I can honestly not recommend Simon enough as a triathlon coach. I signed up to Ironman Austria back in 2019 which because of Covid was delayed and delayed, eventually until September 2021. After a year of hard DIY training I was feeling a little unmotivated and so hired Simon to give me some guidance and structure.

Without doubt, I would not have got close to the result I got without Simon’s help. My goal was to finish in a time faster than 12 hours. I also had a sub goal to finish a 70.3 in under 6 hours which had just eluded me in 2018 and 2019.
The structured workouts provided a much needed routine and motivation to get out the door far more regularly. It ensured I moved away from the unproductive hours of training and back towards sessions which strengthened and challenged me.
These benefits though are likely to be the result of coaching from any professional. Where Simon really excelled was with his attention to detail, communication and willingness to listen. Simon read every message on every workout and fed my comments back into training for the following weeks. If I had sessions where I didn’t hit key targets, Simon was attentive to the causes of this and open to my input and comments on what I was feeling. This meant that I had absolutely no issues dealing with weeks off recovering with Covid, injuries or even (dare I say it) holidays. Throughout the entire training period, I was never worried with any disruption because of Simon’s availability and adaptability.
Ultimately I was able to absolutely smash my start of year goals. I completed a 70.3 in just 5:01:51 and finished my full distance ironman in 11:48:29. This was in spite of having picked up an irritating knee niggle on my final training ride. On top of this I achieved personal bests over 10km and half marathon distance (the week after the ironman) which goes to show that this programme really has made me the fittest of my life, even over distances which I hadn’t trained for.
I have absolutely no doubt that following Simon’s guidance, anyone would be able to achieve their (realistic!) triathlon goals.

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