Triathlon Nutrition Coaching

Triathlon is a demanding hobby. As well as training for three sports, we also have to think about the transition between these sports, strength & conditioning work, and on top of that pay attention to our nutrition. On top of our family and work life, having to manage your nutrition can be overwhelming. Especially when so much information out there is conflicting.

However, help is at hand. I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Nutrition Coach and British Triathlon High Performing Coach who wants to help athletes eat better, recover faster, and nail your triathlon nutrition on the big day.

I don’t require you to regularly weigh and track your food or eat a heavily restricted diet. I instead focus on pragmatic advice to help develop long term habits.

What does it involve?

All that most people really need is a one off virtual consultation to identify their current eating habits and how they could be improved. No blood tests, food diaries or body composition testing, just an hour video or voice call. This is priced at £60 for a session, which generally lasts for around an hour.

However, if you would like continued support, feedback and guidance after you implement our recommendations, we can provide follow up sessions at £40 for an hour session.

A nutrition session and follow ups are included for free with our online monthly coaching programme.

Can you advise on race day nutrition for my triathlon?

Yes, we can help provide you with knowledge on triathlon race day nutrition to protect you against fuelling issues as best we can. The hard reality is that even the best professional athletes can struggle at times, but by helping you to identify the amount of salt, carbohydrate and fluid you should target on race day, we can go a long way to setting you up for success.

Can you help me lose weight?

At Phazon Triathlon we don’t like to talk about weight loss, as we prefer to discuss body composition and the effect it can have on both our racing and health. Lighter isn’t always better, so we caution against weight loss being the overarching goal.

That being said, if we believe you can safely lower your body fat percentage and there would be a benefit to doing so, we can definitely help to reduce that by focusing not only on the quantities of food you eat, but also the quality along with strategies for managing your appetite.

What kind of diet will you be recommending?

A healthy, balanced one. We do not advise on diets such as low carb, paleo, or very low calorie. We believe that every food group has a place in a healthy, balanced diet, and do not advise on heavily restrictive diets.

Will you provide me with a meal plan?

Unfortunately we will not. Meal plans are outside of our scope of practice as a triathlon nutrition coach, and are primarily set by dieticians working with patients in a clinical setting. We will however be able to provide you with targets for macronutrients, advice on micronutrients, calculate your base metabolic rate, and suggest foods/recipes which can help you hit those targets.

Do you only work with triathletes?

Not at all, the knowledge we have developed can be applied to all walks of life.

How do I get started?

Simply fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to helping you optimise your triathlon nutrition.

Please note that we are unable to work with athletes who are suffering from an eating disorder, have a chronic health condition or are pre/post natal.