Triathlon Strength and Conditioning Assessment

For the majority of athletes competing in triathlon, strength and conditioning is an intimidating, confusing world where they’re not even sure what exactly they’re looking to achieve, let alone how to achieve it.

During our assessment, we will identify your overactive muscles, muscular imbalances and muscular weaknesses. Once our assessment is complete, we will then create a programme for you to help address these areas. These exercises will help you move better, swim bike and run more efficiently, and ultimately race faster.

An analysis session in progress, a coach observing an athlete performing a deadlift

Our triathlon strength and conditioning assessments are performed by Level 3 personal trainer Simon Olney, and can take the form of either in person or virtual assessments. Once we have analysed the results of your assessment, we can then provide you with a structured strength and conditioning plan to follow, with guidance on how to perform the exercises if necessary.

Assessments cost £50 each, with follow up sessions available.

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