Triathlon Training Consultation

We provide 90 minute, one off triathlon training consultations to help you optimise your training without the commitment or expense of a bespoke programme. Whether you are a first time athlete or aiming to qualify for a world championship event, we want to help you achieve your goals.

The consultation will be provided by British Triathlon Level 3 coach in training, IRONMAN Certified Coach, TrainingPeaks Level 2 coach and Level 3 Personal Trainer Simon Olney. During the course of the consultation we can cover any subjects relevant to triathlon. If you provide us access to a free TrainingPeaks account with your training history we can provide you with:

Annual Training Plan

We can provide you with a long term plan for your race complete with training targets, different limiters to work on and designing a taper for your event.

Annual Training Plan Example

Identification of Limiters

We all have weaknesses, whether it’s our ability to cycle up a hill explosively or hold a consistent running pace. By looking at your data we can identify where your limiters are, how they affect your goals, and how to address them within your triathlon training.

Advice on Equipment

Are you perplexed by range of bikes? Unsure which wetsuit to buy? Looking to upgrade your bike? Which accessories will make you fastest? We can help point you in the right direction to ensure you have everything you need for your training and race day.

Race Plan

We can help you set bike power/speed targets with Best Bike Split, as well as a target pace for the run. This will help take the guesswork out of your pacing and ensure you don’t overcook it on the big day.

Race Plan Example

If you have a cycling power meter or smart turbo trainer we can use WKO5 to provide provide you at no additional cost:

Advanced Cycling Metrics

An accurate FTP is essential for your triathlon training. Looking beyond 95% of 20 minute power, we take into account every data point from the last 90 days, from races to commuting and everything else between. This gives us a much clearer picture of FTP including taking into consideration contributions from the anaerobic system. We can also provide you with several other advanced metrics such as functional reserve capacity, an accurate V02 max estimate and how long you can hold your FTP for. We will teach you how to use these to

Power Duration Curve Example

Optimised Intervals

Alongside the above metrics, we can also provide you with personalised interval targets. Rather than following generic interval sessions, you can optimise your performance by following workouts which are specific to your ability, making the most of precious triathlon training time.

Optimised Interval Examples

For these metrics to be accurate we would require you to perform a max effort 15 second, 1 minute, 5 minute and long (20-60 minute) effort such as a time trial, Zwift race or traditional FTP test.

The cost of this service is £75, includes a written report of recommendations, and screenshots of any charts/graphs you wish us to share with you. To book your consultation, make an enquiry via the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.