Strength and Conditioning Coaching for Triathlon

Are you looking to have your best ever season in 2024? Reduce your risk of injury? Improve your leg strength on the bike? Travel further with each swim stroke? Unlock extra run speed? Feel more confident and capable in every day life? Then our strength and conditioning coaching for triathlon is they key to achieving your goals.

Delivered by a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, we work with athletes of all abilities, whether you are a first timer at home with no equipment or knowledge, all the way up to an experienced lifter looking to break through a plateau. Our plans are not about growing muscle, vanity lifting or pushing you to your limit every session. We’re instead focused on developing underused muscles, improving posture, developing maximal strength, generating power and having fun in the gym!

Our plans are all delivered via TrainHeroic using accompanying videos with coaching points as well as a rationale. Sessions are progressed in a way which reflects your ability and training history. Plans are periodised to reflect your swim/bike/run training, to ensure we aren’t compromising our performance on the road or in the pool by going too hard in the gym.

Our plans are delivered remotely, with the option of virtual movement assessments for our personalised plans. We do not currently offer the option of in person strength and conditioning coaching for triathletes, though this is something we’re working on.

Customised plans

Athletes are individuals, and your strength plan should be individualised around you. Someone new to strength training is going to want a very different plan to someone who has been lifting for as long as they can remember.

All of our plans begin with an introductory call where we can learn more about you, your goals, movement literacy, injury history and more. We then ask you to film yourself performing a handful of short mobility assessments to give us an idea of how you move, and any tightness/restriction we may need to address. If you are experienced with the Olympic lifts we will ask you to send us a video of your snatch and power clean, to give us an idea of where we need to develop.

Athlete completing a strength an mountain climber exercise as part of a strength and conditioning for triathlon plan
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Once we have a good idea of how you move as a human, we can then start our programming. The number of sessions per week is based on your availability and personal preference. As our plans are written completely from scratch this can take a couple of weeks, but once the plan is finished you’ll be able to view the progression over time.

What level of support is included?

It’s natural to have questions, especially if you are new to strength work, so we’re here to support you. You can ask questions about the functionality of the plan, but what we can’t provide is rolling changes to the plan as and when you feel especially tired/strong, as this is only included in our full online triathlon coaching package. Should you wish for a more comprehensive level of support at any point, you have the option of an extra call, priced at £40 for the hour where we can review videos you have taken, observe your technique, and make recommendations if you are struggling to complete the plan for whatever reason.


Our strength and conditioning coaching for triathlon is priced at £10 per week, so a 12 week plan would cost £120. Want a 50% discount? Combine your S&C coaching with a customised triathlon training plan for £15 a week. That’s a completely custom triathlon coaching programme delivered by a British Triathlon High Performing Coach for only £150 per ten weeks of the plan.

Integration with other plans

If you are currently following another plan or working with another coach, we can still provide you with a plan. If you are able to share your plan with us or connect us with your coach, that will help us ensure the integration is as seamless as possible.

Do you have any more questions? Keen to get started? Get in touch via the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours wherever possible.