Custom Triathlon Training Plans

For some athletes, a full coaching relationship isn’t affordable or desirable, but they want an expert to draw them up a custom triathlon training plan based around their individual circumstances with detailed workout and instructions. Seeing “40 minutes in Z2” written in an excel spreadsheet isn’t going to cut it and they need more in the way of specificity.

Our plans are delivered via TrainingPeaks with clear instructions, progression and individualised targets which can be sent directly to your fitness device. We take into account the equipment you have available, the days you have available to train, your preference for rest days, your strengths/weaknesses as well as your schedule between now and the event.

Our custom triathlon training plans are delivered via TrainingPeaks where you can use a free account to track your progression over time and view your sessions in detail.

Plans cost £15 per week and last for as long as you need them to. Need a plan to take you all the way up to an Ironman in six months time? No problem. Realised you’re in over your head and need a quick four week plan to get you round your first triathlon? No job it too small.

While we primarily offer triathlon plans, we can also provide plans for open water swimming, cycling and running if that’s desirable.

How it Works

Step 1

We send you a link to connect our TrainingPeaks account to yours. Once your TrainingPeaks account is synced to a fitness service such as Garmin, Suunto or Polar, workouts should start populating your calendar so we can see the kind of training you’ve been putting in both recently and historically.

A calendar full of workouts completed by an athlete
Historical data imported by TrainingPeaks
Step 2

You start to fill in the calendar with current commitments, events and regular training sessions you would like us to work around

A training calendar with notes
A week of notes left for the coach to work around
Step 3

You fill out our questionnaire, providing us with insight into your event, targets and health.

Step 4

Once we have your completed form indicating the length of the plan you require, we will send you confirmation of the price and payment details

Step 5

Sit back and wait for us to write your custom triathlon training plan. This should normally be within seven days, but we’ll let you know if there is a delay for any reason.

Step 6

We E-mail you when your plan is complete with any notes from the coach. It’s then up to you to put in the hard work and achieve your goals!

A completed week from one of our plans

To being the process or get a quote, send an E-mail to or use the form below


Will you write a plan for my child, partner, colleague e.t.c.?

Yes, we absolutely provide custom training plans as gifts. However we will need to enter into a discussion with the athlete in question before delivering the plan, as we need to be aware of any potential health or injury issues before writing the plan, as well as to make it bespoke to them. Drop us a message and we’ll find a solution.

Will you be able to follow my progress?

Yes, as our TrainingPeaks accounts are linked we will be able to view your training and refer to it if you have questions for us.

Will you make adjustments to my plan if my circumstances change?

Broadly speaking, no. This is the difference between a training plan and a full coaching relationship where you are in constant communication with a coach who is always tweaking the plan based on feedback and changes to your circumstance. That being said, we’re not unreasonable so if there has been a major change to your situation drop us an E-mail and we’ll be able to advise on the best way to adjust your training. If major adjustments are required, we may be able to provide these for a small fee if you desire. This will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Can I ask you questions about my plan?

We’re happy to answer questions about the functionality of the plan such as how to sync workouts to your device, how to set your thresholds, or give general advice about what to do following missed workouts, injuries and illness. However we can’t engage in detailed discussions about which bike you should buy, analyse your swimming technique or help you develop strategies for race day. If we have an article on the subject we will forward it to you, otherwise you are welcome to book a virtual coached session with us at the discounted rate of £40 where you can pick our brains for an hour.

Why aren’t my swim workouts appearing on my watch?

Currently, swims created with the TrainingPeaks workout builder do not appear on fitness watches. We are hoping this is addressed soon.

Should I pay for a TrainingPeaks premium membership to go with my plan?

This isn’t necessary unless you are looking to move future workouts around or want to gain advanced insight into your workouts. It can certainly help, but the questions is, what would you do with the information if you had it? You get a free 30 day premium membership when you open your TrainingPeaks account so use this as an excuse to have a poke around and see if the features interest you.

Do your plans include Strength and Conditnioning

Yes, we will include strength sessions unless you want to opt out of these.

If you have any more questions, simply drop us a message using the form above and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible